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Trailer mounted 48 square foot Infrared Heater with 8 UltraGlo converters.

The Kasi IR-480 utilizes infrared radiation to heat existing asphalt pavement. In 3 minutes the pavement will be sufficiently softened to apply pavement texturing. By increasing heating time 5-6 minutes the asphalt will be workable to a depth of 2 1/2 inches (7 cm), without damage. Once softened, the existing asphalt is reused and, with the addition of virgin material, the pavement can be restored to its original condition. Kasi IR-480

The IR-480 is ideal for permanently repairing all general asphalt defects including potholes, surface cracking, utility cuts, and trenches as well as installing pavement texturing.





Pavement Heater: Eight – 6’(180 cm)  long, high efficiency stainless steel UltraGlo infrared converters generate the infrared radiation used to heat the asphalt pavement. For pavement texturing applications the heating time is under 3 minutes. For asphalt repair applications heating time of 5-6 minutes is needed to achieve a softening depth of 2 ½ inches (7 cm). In either application the asphalt is heated without damage.

Heating area is 8’ (240 cm) wide x 6’ (180 cm) long, and is dividable into two 4’x 6’ (120×180 cm) areas.


  • Pressure activated gas solenoid prevents the flow of gas while the unit is not operating
  • Excess flow checks
  • Cut-off switches for all controls are located inside a lockable panel to prevent tampering
  • Electrically operated drum brakes


Electrical: A self-contained electrical system is comprised of eight-6VDC deep cycle batteries wired in series and parallel to provide 12 VDC power. This system provides the power to the mixing blowers. Automatic battery chargers are built in (or portable chargers).

Propane: Propane is supplied by 4-100lb. (45 kg) vapor draw gas cylinders (optional custom tanks). Fuel is consumed at a rate of 12,500 BTU’s per square foot or 600,000 BTU’s for the entire 48 square foot (4,5 m2) heated area.


LENGTH:                        14’ 2”(431,8 cm)
HEIGHT:                         8’ 6”(259 cm)
WIDTH:                           8’ 0”(244 cm)
TARE WEIGHT:             2,600 LBS (1180 kg)
GROSS WEIGHT:          6,000 LBS (2722 kg)

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KASI Pro-Heat MinuteMan

 KASI Pro-Heat MinuteMan

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